New Paths for the Theological and the Fetishistic

  • Colby Dickinson
Part of the Radical Theologies and Philosophies book series (RADT)


For Giorgio Agamben, the substitutability of the fetish is the result of its ambiguity, causing it to be unpossessable as well. For him, the fetish’s emancipatory potentiality reveals ways in which the objectification of the human body brings new uses for it to the fore, liberating human beings from their “biological destiny”. It is the unveiling of the artificiality of fetishism that permits us to discern our true, embodied “nature”. Likewise, in Marcella Althaus-Reid’s “indecent theology”, theology has been “fetishistic” in its abstracted artificiality that masquerades as “natural”. As such, I utilize her explorations of fetishes to render theology “indecent” in order to unite the Freudian, Marxist, theological, and philosophical analysis which this book had earlier presented.

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