Design of Magnetic-Luminescent Nanoplatforms: Applications in Theranostics and Drug Delivery

  • Navadeep Shrivastava
  • Sarveena
  • Naveed A. Shad
  • Muhammad Munir Sajid
  • Adam Duong
  • S. K. SharmaEmail author
Part of the Nanomedicine and Nanotoxicology book series (NANOMED)


Recent time has witnessed a progressive growth in the fabrication multifunctional upconversion-magnetic hybrid nanostructured materials due to their important applications. The magnetic-luminescent hybrid nanostructures, which combine luminescent nanoparticles with magnetic nanoentities, exhibit potentials for enhanced bioimaging, controlled drug delivery, and enhanced thermal therapy. Such nanoparticles have potential to have simultaneous systematic use of theranostics and drug delivery and could lead to new opportunities in nanobiomedicines. In the present chapter, we have discussed an important class of magnetic-luminescent nanomaterials for their application in theranostic and drug delivery.


Nanoscale functional materials Magnetic up/down conversion Diagnosis and sensing Therapy Drug delivery 



NS acknowledges the Ph.D. thesis, submitted at Federal University of Maranhão, Brazil, under the supervision of Dr. S. K. Sharma.


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