Blockchain Application Framework for Priority Metric Based Academic Record Repository

  • Ajita Banerjee
  • Arman Singhal
  • Lokesh Gujral
  • Kavita ChoudharyEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1122)


Blockchain as the name suggests can be virtually visualized as an endless chain of blocks. The complex algorithms and computational power required to process the transactions for inserting blocks into the chain laid to the basic structure. Blockchain functionally work on consent of all, removing the requirement of middle man authority. This paper proposed a Blockchain fabric where an academic track record can be managed for every Indian Citizen after getting verified through Aadhaar Number. The resultant information generated by the proposed fabric would be immutable, decentralized and on distributed ledger. This is beneficial for all stakeholders like, government recruitment portal, institutes, organizations, etc. All electronic academic records, summary, vitals, transcripts, certifications etc. are mapped (Aadhaar UID) and are kept on Blockchain fabric, which can be accessed anytime with no loss of data (fully secured). In the proposed framework, all Stakeholders can filter the data as per skill set in demand. Job information and opportunities can reach to beneficiary directly with minimum efforts.


Blockchain Decentralized Distributed Smart contract 


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  • Ajita Banerjee
    • 1
  • Arman Singhal
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  • Lokesh Gujral
    • 1
  • Kavita Choudhary
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  1. 1.JK Lakshmipat UniversityJaipurIndia

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