A Composite Technique to Fortify Security for DaaS Services in Cloud Environment

  • Samarjeet YadavEmail author
  • Pratishtha Saxena
  • Neelam Dayal
  • Shiv Prakash
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1122)


Cloud computing gives an extensive amount of virtual storage to users. The demands, the importance and the usage of cloud computing are increasing day by day. Therefore, security problems and threats are also increasing. An individual and any business organization or a company may have a huge amount of data; they cannot store it physically because the cost of that huge data storage will be more. Cloud computing solves this problem by providing the platform to store huge amount of data. The data storage on the cloud can be blend with the other users’ data. This can lead to data protection issues in cloud storage. As confidentiality is the main parameter of security, if confidentiality is broken then it will result in loss of data for individuals and organizations. This data needs to be protect with confidentiality measures before being store on cloud. To provide security of this data we are using composite technique i.e. obfuscation with encryption to fortify the security level. In this paper, we propose a composite technique to increase the security level while reducing the data size, and the time of execution.


Internet of things Cloud computing Encryption Obfuscation Integrity Data security Data storage 


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    Email author
  • Pratishtha Saxena
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  • Neelam Dayal
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  • Shiv Prakash
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