Achievers Versus Survivors: Dynamics and Trends

  • Olga OleinikovaEmail author


The book concludes with the chapter that focuses on the unique paired comparison of two opposing life strategies—dynamic, risk-taking and future-oriented ‘achievement life strategy’ and conservative, risk-minimising and survival-oriented ‘survival life strategy’. The chapter summarises how the innovative conceptual life strategy model, presented in this book, has enabled the research into lives of people experiencing crisis, their migration experiences, attitudes and perceptions of their problematic sending home and their new receiving country. This chapter discusses the empirical validation of the conceptual framework and presents the two critical frameworks of personal-structural ties that empirically proves the assumption that life strategies of survival guide those migrants leaving their country at its peak crisis points. It does so by providing systemic comparative analysis across the 16 data points. The chapter then necessarily moves to extend the discussion around the limitations of the life strategy conceptual framework and future research. The chapter concludes with the discussion around the main trends and ideas that follow from this book.

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