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Inductivity: Bioactive Agents

  • Hamid Reza RezaieEmail author
  • Mohammad Hossein Esnaashary
  • Masoud Karfarma
  • Andreas Öchsner
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In bone tissue engineering, besides osteoconductivity and productivity, inducing the cells surrounded implanted scaffold via bioactive agents is crucial. To apply this property to bone tissue engineering, researchers are inspired by natural events which are occurring during bone healing. In addition to the role of various cells involved in bone healing, some bioactive agents such as inflammatory, angiogenic, and osteogenic growth factor take part in the process and control the events. Based on this strategy, in this chapter, the bone healing process is discussed in the context of employing various bioactive agents, including growth factors, drugs, and nucleic acids. Furthermore, the incorporation methods of the agents into a scaffold are investigated. In the last part of this chapter, common challenges that deal with bone tissue engineering are addressed.


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  • Mohammad Hossein Esnaashary
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  • Masoud Karfarma
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