Crystal Growth

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After the optimum heat treatments on the growth ampoules and the source materials, the sealed ampoules were processed in a thermal profile by a three-zone furnace (left cold zone, central booster zone and right hot zone) with an adiabatic zone inserted between the central booster heater and the cold zone. During the growth, the thermal profile moved toward the hot end, through translation of either furnace or ampoule, with a rate carefully selected from the results of transport rate measurements. Relative to the gravitational direction, three different growth configurations, i.e., horizontal, vertical stabilized (hot end on top) and vertical destabilized (cold end on top), were practiced. For each configuration, the growth ampoule was designed for either self-seeded or seeded growth. The PVT growth experiments were performed on the systems of ZnSe, ZnSe doped with transition metal (Cr and Fe), ZnSeTe, CdTe, CdS and ZnTe. During the growth of ZnSe, in-situ real time optical methods were performed to monitor the growth. The methods included in-situ visual observation of the growing crystal, in-situ optical absorption to measure the partial pressures along the growth ampoule and optical interferometry to map the morphology of growing surface. Lastly, a recent advancement to enhance the transport rate of PVT was developed by installing an extra out-layer of evacuated closed tube around the growth ampoule to reduce the vapor pressure diffusing into the growth ampoule.


Seeded growth Self-seeded growth Horizontal growth Vertical stabilized growth Vertical destabilized growth In-situ real time monitoring 


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