Comedy, Television, Hybridity and Scottish Camp

  • Ian Brown


This chapter considers how linguistic hybridity enacts varieties of Scottishness, addressing the phenomenon of Scottish Camp, a form of jouissance subversively exploring and challenging language borders. It examines the place of Scots and Gaelic on radio and television over the last century and the development of television programmes representing Scottishness, including classic, soap opera, detective and comedy series. It discusses performers and writers whose use of language challenges, subverts and resists actual, as well as would-be, centralising hegemonic structures. These include Billy Connolly, Craig Hill, Stanley Baxter, Alex Mitchell, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Tom Leonard, Peter McDougal, John Byrne, Liz Lochhead and Edwin Morgan. It includes a detailed analysis of Alan Cumming and Forbes Mason’s work in The High Life.


Linguistic hybridity Subversive comedy Scottish television Camp Hegemony 

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