Development of an Energy Efficiency Index for Agricultural Tractors Based on OECD Codes Data

  • C. CarnevaliEmail author
  • S. Angelelli
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering book series (LNCE, volume 67)


The need of more energy efficiency in the agricultural sector requires the use of tractors with better energy performance. The main energy losses in agriculture tractors take place at the engine and at the transmission. A possible way to merge the farmers and the Countries goals could be the introduction of an Index to help the first to choose the best tractor for their business and to help the second to evaluate the introduction of public aid. In this paper a method used for developing an energy efficiency Index (CAPD) is proposed. It considers the data of tractors tested in accordance with OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) Code 2 standard. In particular the results of the P.T.O. (Power Take-off) and of the Fuel Consumption test have been used. The index, expressed in specific volumetric fuel consumption (SVFC), takes into account both the engine and the transmission influence and it is also easy to adapt for future developments. Two-hundred twelve model of tractors are analyzed and classified in five categories; from the lowest to the highest fuel consumers following this method. Almost half of the tractors with different Power (kW) are distributed close to the regression line of the index. The accuracy of the index is considered, taking into account the experiences of other international classifications. By this method, distribution of classified tractors can be used for practical application.


Fuel consumption Tractor classification Energy saving 



The activity presented is part of the research activity grant by the Italian Ministry for Agriculture (MIPAAFT) under the project with the acronym of ENAGRI, articulated in several tasks aimed to improve the use of renewable energy in the agricultural sector.


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