Study of Spiral Air Accelerators for Wind Power Plants Using a Vertical Rotation Axis

  • A. A. BubenchikovEmail author
  • T. V. Bubenchikova
  • E. Yu. Shepeleva
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 641)


The article analyzes the use of the simplest designs of air flow accelerators. The best geometry of a multi-blade construction is determined for use as a flow accelerator for wind turbines with a vertical axis of rotation. For analysis, during operation, 12 models of concentrator plants were created: three designs with three, five, seven-blade and three with six-blade. The analysis of the use of the simplest structures representing the blades having the base of the Archimedes spiral and the analysis of the execution of the upper part of the structure to simplify installation and additional rigidity. The effect of the use of additional bridges in the channel for additional lifting and acceleration of the flow is studied, and boundary options for the geometry of the design of bridges that can be used if necessary to simplify the installation of the structure are selected. Optimum geometry with maximum efficiency for three five and seven-blade structures was chosen. To determine the dependence of acceleration on wind speed for optimal designs, experimental studies were carried out at various free-stream speeds. The best geometry was determined for its use as a flow accelerator for wind turbines with a vertical axis of rotation. The achieved increase in speed is 52%. Since the power depends on the wind speed in the cube, this design will increase the power generated by the wind power installation by 3 times.


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  • T. V. Bubenchikova
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  • E. Yu. Shepeleva
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