Renewable Sources of Energy for Efficient Development of Electricity Supplies for Agriculture in Chechen Republic

  • A. R. ElbazurovEmail author
  • G. R. Titova
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Nowadays the industry and economy of the Chechen Republic are at the stage of recovery growth. Over the last years electric energy consumption has been growing in the region. But the energy system of the Chechen Republic lacks supply as there is no electrical generation except the Kokadoyskaya small water power plant on the Argun River. The lack of power in the energy system of the Chechen Republic is covered by the power flow from the neighboring energy systems which, in its turn, leads to the loss in capacity. After the events which took place in the Republic from 1994 to 2000 the energy system hasn’t been restored yet. The factors mentioned above hold back the development of the region with the unique environmental conditions. Nowadays the utilization of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar energy must be the strategic goal for the economic development of the Chechen Republic, especially its agriculture.


Renewable sources of energy Agriculture Power 


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