RTMLton: An SML Runtime for Real-Time Systems

  • Bhargav ShivkumarEmail author
  • Jeffrey Murphy
  • Lukasz Ziarek
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 12007)


There is a growing interest in leveraging functional programming languages in real-time and embedded contexts. Functional languages are appealing as many are strictly typed, amenable to formal methods, have limited mutation, and have simple, but powerful concurrency control mechanisms. Although there have been many recent proposals for specialized domain specific languages for embedded and real-time systems, there has been relatively little progress on adapting more general purpose functional languages for programming embedded and real-time systems. In this paper we present our current work on leveraging Standard ML in the embedded and real-time domains. Specifically we detail our experiences in modifying MLton, a whole program, optimizing compiler for Standard ML, for use in such contexts. We focus primarily on the language runtime, re-working the threading subsystem and garbage collector. We provide preliminary results over a radar-based aircraft collision detector ported to SML.


Real-time systems Predictable GC Functional programming 



This work has been support in part by National Science Foundation grants: CCF 1749539 and CNS 1823230.


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