Development of an IOT-Based Atmospheric Fine Dust Monitoring System

  • N. Kavitha
  • P. MadhumathyEmail author
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 266)


The major perilous type of air pollution is due to particulate matter since it is the primary leading factor in affecting the human health as well as it is having major impact even on the earth’s typical weather condition and precipitation levels. The proposed methodology yields in developing a system which is user friendly, low cost module used for measuring the fine dust particle, amount of CO (carbon monoxide), in addition to that temperature and humidity is also been estimated for weather forecasting. The information about the pollutant from the environment is collected through fine dust sensor, humidity sensor and temperature sensor. The collected statistics about the environment is been forwarded to the Node MCU. ESP8266 is been used to operate Node MCU. The cost-effective Wi-Fi microchip ESP8266 is used to processes the data. The IoT server collects the processed data. IoT server is used to fetch data whenever there is a request from mobile application for the data. This proposed system after measuring the dust particle it analyses the dust levels in real world scenario in addition it tests and collects the pattern change of dust at different location. The analysed data is given to the users in the form off instant alerts to the subscribers. Preventive measures can be taken in prior based on the instant alert of the analysed data given to the subscribers. This preventive measures yields in providing better environment and leading a healthy life.


Node MCU (ESP8266) Temperature sensor Fine dust sensor Gas sensor Humidity sensor 


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