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The input of knowledge is of great importance when acquiring the competence of intercultural management. Real skills, however, can only be appropriated by practical experience. This tutorial section shows three case studies of day-to-day business with situations that happened during a transaction. At the same time, they provide a profound insight into the respective mentality. The selected topics, such as team leadership, relationship management, communication and local work practices, expand the intercultural expertise as a whole. This is a well-constructed learning session combining background stories, possible options for action, handling techniques and, last but not least, examples for self-training. It particularly promotes the ability of self-organization and self-reflexion. The primary purpose is to create a proper toolbox suitable for your individual personality and your own style. The case studies teach you how to analyse situations and find possible solutions on your own. You learn how to apply the lessons learned in your own workplace for the benefit of your own success.


Intercultural tools Relationship management Global team leadership Agile work method Exercise Business etiquette 


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