Seeking Added Value in the Digital Business World

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Digitalization changes the form of business enormously as well as our working conditions. The business world is becoming a huge framework consisting of humans, machines and digits where we have the double role of system builders and at the same time being part of the framework. During the dynamic phases of change, we have to adapt to the new environment and create added value in order to survive in the challenging competition of the business world. Where are our chances in this new work environment to match machines and digits? How can we develop even more advantages? In this chapter, we analyse the working conditions in this new age and focus especially on promoting the intercultural potential of persons in the global challenge. The ability to maintain good cooperation between partners is most certainly a big advantage. Taking into consideration the cultural factors, it enables us not only to achieve higher productivity of companies but also to uphold the work-life balance in a time of encompassing effects on global business.


Intercultural management Digital transformation Added value Human resources International project management Systemic Agile Industry 4.0 Cultural factor Work-life balance 


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