Surfactant-Templated Sol-Gel Materials

  • Alain C. Pierre


Besides hybrid organic-inorganic sol-gel materials, surfactant-templated sol-gel materials constitute a family of solids with very original textural and structural characteristics, quite interesting for some applications. In this chapter, the main properties of surfactant solutions are first described, in particular their various micellar organizations and the way they were applied to design ordered mesoporous gels. Their chemical composition mainly concerned aluminosilicate gels in a first step, which are described in more details. But since then it was extended to other compositions which are briefly summarized. Some copolymers also present interesting amphiphilic characteristics, due to different functionalities along their polymeric chain. Recent developments in their use as templating substrates are also summarized.


Surfactant molecules Micelles Liquid crystals Templating Ordered mesostructuration Amphiphilic copolymer templating 


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