Study on the Dynamics of Gear Transmission System of High Speed Vehicle

  • Zunsong RenEmail author
  • Gang Sun
  • Xue Wei
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Based on the parameters of a certain type of CRH, a rigid-flexible coupling dynamics model of railway vehicle is established. A flexible transmission system dynamics model is setup and it is included in the vehicle system dynamics model. With numerical method, the dynamics of the transmission system is obtained. The simulation results show that the forces acted on the gears get larger when the operation speed of the vehicle increases. The vibration of the transmission system affect the vibrations of the bogie frame, motor and gearbox, but has hardly effects on the vibration of the carbody because of the secondary suspension system and the huge mass of the carbody. The railway vehicle-gear transmission coupling dynamics model is useful to investigate the dynamic characteristics of the gear transmission system of the high-speed train.


High speed EMU dynamics model Transmission system dynamics model Gear meshing Forces Vibration 


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