Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Domain: Applications and Challenges

  • Chavan MadhuriEmail author
  • Patil Deepali
  • Shingane Priyanka
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Blockchain is a technology which is proposed to address various problems in different domains as like in the banking sector, supply chain. Blockchain is distributed public ledger that can hold permanent records in a secured way. Blockchain ensures that transactions can never be modified. Blockchain also provide data transparency, integrity, security and interoperability. To address the need for patients to manage and control their electronic health records, blockchain technology could be successfully applied in the healthcare sector. Using blockchain decentralized storage of patient information is possible. Health records which are up to date will be accessed by authenticated user only. It is possible for patient to share his records with other doctors for diagnosis of diseases for example chronological disease, thus blockchain provides personal data transaction in health care sector using blockchain. In this paper we reviewed different applications of blockchain in healthcare system and also challenges for deployment of this technology in healthcare industry.


Blockchain Distributed ledger EHR Healthcare applications Security Interoperability 


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