Popular Resistance at the Origin of the National Movement

  • Ahmed Bedjaoui
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Usually, the historiography of the liberation war begins in the mid-fifties, somewhere in the maquis and on the borders. It is quite possible, on the other hand, to consider that the resistance started as soon as the invading troops set foot in Sidi Ferruch. For decades, the images painted by French artists fed a one-sided colonial view of history.

The MAY 8, 1945 RIOTS PRELUDE TO A LASTING UNREST: On May 8, 1945, just as France was celebrating the liberation of Paris, thousands of Algerians, among them former soldiers just demobilized, were massacred for having dared aspire to sharing the freedom. Very few filmed documents exist to testify to the extent of the massacres. No photographs, except those of the French. No films either. The only one managing to be made by an American reporter would seem to have been “seized and burnt.” No French film, whether documentary or fiction, was bold enough to mention these events for many long decades.

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