The Israelis and My Home—Nablus and Shatila: Under the Rubble (1983); Children of Fire (1990)

  • Victoria Brittain
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This chapter focuses on two films which are both about key moments in Palestinian history. Under the Rubble (1983) is about the summer of 1982 in Beirut after the Israeli invasion, the siege of the city and the massacres of Palestinians, notably in the camp of Shatila and Sabra neighbourhood. Scenes show the enforced departure of the Palestinian leadership and fighters for Tunis. Children of Fire (1990), a different kind of war film, is shot in Nablus, Mai’s hometown, during the First Intifada. It captures the ambience and realities of the Intifada in the West Bank that spread from a confrontation in Gaza when in December 1987, an Israeli army truck ran into a car in Gaza killing four Palestinians.


Mahmoud Darwish Sabra and Shatila massacre Battle of Algiers Intifada Abu Jihad Gaza Seige of Beirut Lebanese civil war Israeli invasion of Lebanon 


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