Dynamics of Soil Organic Matter in Agricultural Landscapes

  • Uwe FrankoEmail author
  • Felix Witing
Part of the Innovations in Landscape Research book series (ILR)


Soil organic matter is an essential key in the functioning of soils and landscapes. Not only because of its importance as a carbon sink for the mitigation of climate change but also to recommend farmers sustainable soil management, the modelling of organic matter turnover is a well-integrated part of soil science. This article provides a short review of modelling approaches for carbon and nitrogen fluxes related to organic matter turnover with an example at landscape scale where beside dedicated process simulation indicators are helpful tools to assess changes in land management. This is explained in more detail for the development of biogas production and its feedbacks to soil organic matter.


Soil organic matter (SOM) SOM turnover Biological active time Organic nitrogen turnover Modelling SOM dynamics Climate change SOM in agricultural landscapes 


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  2. 2.Department of Computational Landscape EcologyUFZ—Helmholtz Centre for Environmental ResearchLeipzigGermany

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