Talar Neck Fractures

  • Bo He
  • Michael Krosin


Talar neck fractures are a result of high-energy trauma causing extensive bony and soft tissue injury. Fractures with peritalar displacement, skin compromise, or neurovascular injury should be taken for immediate closed reduction to protect the surrounding soft tissue envelope. Timing of definitive fixation is more controversial, but staged surgeries have not been shown to adversely affect long-term outcomes. Dual anteromedial and anterolateral approaches are the gold standard for anatomic fracture reduction. Fixation of the neck involves multiple strategies including screw fixation, mini-fragment plating, or a combination of techniques. Care must be taken to avoid varus malreduction and shortening of the talus. The soft tissue envelope must be protected to minimize postoperative wound healing complications. Avascular necrosis (AVN) and post-traumatic arthritis are major sequelae that are difficult to treat if symptomatic and can ultimately lead to arthrodesis.


Talus Neck Fracture Fixation Technique 


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