Polish–US Relations in the Trump Era: From Worries to Honeymoon?

  • Amélie Zima


Poland is often labeled as the most Atlanticist country in Central Europe. This Atlanticism appears to have resulted in a systematic alignment with US positions at the expense of European solidarity and a preference for American military hardware. However, a more detailed analysis demonstrates that there was no equivalence between post-communism and Atlanticism and that there has been an ebb and flow in Polish Atlanticism. When Poland participated in the US invasion of Iraq, the relation between Warsaw and Washington reached a climax, then Poland became more determined to participate in the development of EU security and defense policies and to diversify its strategic partners. However, when it comes to territorial security, the United States still remains its most important ally.



The author would like to thank Dr. Marek Madej (University of Warsaw) for his comments and suggestions on an earlier version of the text. This chapter is mainly based on fieldworks made in Warsaw and on semi-structured interviews with key diplomatic actors.


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