Blepharophimosis And Marcus Gunn Ptosis as Special Types of Pediatric Ptosis

  • A. K. GroverEmail author
  • Shaloo Bageja
  • Amrita Sawhney
  • Anurag Mittal


Blepharophimosis syndrome and Marcus Gunn ptosis, significant associations of congenital ptosis, require specialised techniques of management. Blepharophimosis syndrome often requires a two step approach, first stage comprising correction of congenital anomalies of epicanthus, telecanthus and shorter size of palpebral fissure. The second step corrects ptosis, usually by Frontalis sling procedures. Jaw winking or Marcus Gunn ptosis is a complex problem, the management of which requires disabling of the levator muscle to eliminate jaw winking and to correct ptosis by a frontal sling procedure, preferably without creating asymmetry.


Marcus Gunn ptosis Levator disabling Frontalis sling Blepharophimosis syndrome Transnasal wiring Y–V plasty 

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  • Shaloo Bageja
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  • Amrita Sawhney
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