Upper Blepharoplasty and Browplasty

  • Christopher R. Dermarkarian
  • Richard C. AllenEmail author


Cosmetic rejuvenation of the periocular area can include incisional and non-incisional procedures. Although the use of non-incisional procedures, including botulinum toxin, dermal fillers, and skin resurfacing, has gained in popularity, the oculoplastic surgeon should continue to be proficient in incisional procedures. The most common periocular incisional procedures include upper blepharoplasty, lower blepharoplasty, and browplasty. Careful preoperative evaluation is critical, and the choice of the appropriate surgery is paramount. The purpose of this chapter is to review the preoperative evaluation, operative procedures, and post-operative care for cosmetic upper blepharoplasty and browplasty.


Upper blepharoplasty Lower blepharoplasty Browplasty Browpexy Browlift 

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