Comprehensive Utilization of Vanadium Extraction Tailings: A Brief Review

  • Xin Wang
  • Junyi XiangEmail author
  • Jiawei Ling
  • Qingyun Huang
  • Xuewei Lv
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Vanadium extraction tailings are a kind of hazardous solid waste generated from the vanadium extraction process which using vanadium-bearing converter slag as raw materials. The comprehensive utilization of vanadium extraction tailings is becoming increasingly important due to the stricter environment regulations, cleaner production standards, and the shortage of valuable resources. Many advantages of comprehensive utilization of vanadium extraction tailings have been discovered, such as recover valuable metals, avoid waste of resources, increase economic benefits, reduce environmental pollution, and so on. Various comprehensive utilization of vanadium extraction tailings have been reviewed and compared, mainly focusing on the extraction of vanadium, iron, titanium, and gallium from vanadium extraction tailings and the preparation of titanium-iron black ceramic building materials, far-infrared coatings, converter slagging agents, and so on. The comprehensive condensation of pertinent facts is intended to provide a single reference source rather than the reader perusing many articles.


Vanadium extraction tailings Comprehensive utilization 



This work was supported by the Project funded by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (grant numbers 2018M640898), the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2018YFC1900501), and the open project founded by State Key Laboratory of Vanadium and Titanium Resources Comprehensive Utilization.


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