Toward 100% Recycling of Steelmaking Offgas Solid Wastes by Reallocating Zinc-bearing Materials

  • Naiyang MaEmail author
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High-zinc concentration in basic oxygen furnace steelmaking offgas solid wastes has been one of the major barriers hindering in-plant recycling of the solid wastes in an integrated steel mill. Therefore, zinc concentration is an important recyclability indicator of the steelmaking offgas solid wastes. In this study, zinc flow analysis was carried out, and crucial zinc-bearing materials were identified. After the crucial zinc-bearing materials were reallocated, most of the steelmaking offgas solid wastes became internally recyclable in the sintering-blast furnace ironmaking process for utilization of iron and fluxes. The rest of the steelmaking offgas solid wastes could be recycled internally in the briquetting-basic oxygen furnace steelmaking process for cooling effect and externally in cement industry for iron. As a result, 100% recycling of the steelmaking offgas solid wastes was achieved.


Steelmaking Basic oxygen furnace Offgas solid waste Recycling Zinc flow analysis 


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