MnOx-Decorated Fe–Zr-Based Nano-Catalysts for Low-Temperature NH3-SCR: Improvement of Catalytic Activity

  • Chen Yang
  • Jian YangEmail author
  • Qingrui Jiao
  • Yuanmeng Tian
  • Qingcai Liu
  • Shan Ren
  • Jiangling Li
Conference paper
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MnOx-modified Fe–Zr-based nano-catalysts (denoted as Mn(co)/Fe–Zr and Mn(im)/Fe–Zr) were synthesized with the co-precipitation impregnation method and impregnation method, respectively, and then were used for low-temperature selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 (SCR). Among these catalysts, the Mn(co)/Fe–Zr catalyst exhibits the highest NH3-SCR activity (94%) at 225 °C when WHSV = 300,000 mL g−1 h−1. Meanwhile, the properties of catalysts had been characterized by XRD, BET, XPS, and H2-TPR. As determined by BET, the addition of MnOx increased the surface area and pore volume of the catalyst. The XRD results suggest that the Mn(co)/Fe–Zr possessed highly dispersed MnOx on the surface of the catalyst. The results of XPS revealed that the Mn(co)/Fe–Zr had highest concentrations of Mn4+ and Fe3+.


Mn/Fe–Zr Low-temperature SCR De–NO 



The authors are grateful for the support from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51974049) and the Key Technology Innovation Projects of Key Industries in Chongqing (cstc2016zdcy-ztzx0020-03).


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