Quality Measurement Systems in Public Services and E-Government

  • Hajar HadiEmail author
  • Ibtissam ElhassaniEmail author
  • Souhail SekkatEmail author
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The quality improvement initiatives of public services are partly a test of practices reproduction of companies operating in a competitive market. Public services are led to reconsider the status of the user and to take inspiration from the managerial methods that give a very important place to the expectations of the customer. For companies, customer satisfaction is a way to maximize profits. While the satisfaction of users, with respect to the general interest, is the aim of public services. This article presents in the first a literature review focusing on researches done on quality services than we broad picture about efforts and initiatives of countries to improve public service quality.


Quality measurement E-services Digital transformation E-government Study case 



This research topic is allied with a Department of Administration and Public Service Reform project on the design of a public service quality barometer.


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