Introduction: Trade Relations, Business Opportunities and Policy Instruments for Fostering Africa’s Trade

  • Mena HassanEmail author
  • Gbadebo Odularu
  • Musibau Adetunji Babatunde
Part of the Advances in African Economic, Social and Political Development book series (AAESPD)


In this digitally powered twenty-first century global economy, innovative policy solutions are being generated by leveraging on the role of technologies in unlocking trade relations, business opportunities, entrepreneurship and inclusive trade in Africa. One of the major goals of this book is to help economists, policy experts and business leaders to understand the challenges facing Africa’s trade growth but also its incredible potential, in order to reshape the African trade agenda for the future of inclusive growth and sustainable development. In addition, it provides a robust background for enhancing evidence-based policymaking across selected sectors—agriculture, manufacturing, services, high technology, etc—thereby creating opportunities to pursue the reforms needed to stimulate trade and investments towards job generation and economic expansion.


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  7. 7.Department of EconomicsUniversity of IbadanIbadanNigeria

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