Management of Cerebral Venous Thrombosis

  • Xiaomeng Xu
  • Magdy SelimEmail author
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Cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) is a rare disease with an incidence of 15 cases per million people per year. However, it is an important cause of stroke, particularly in young patients. The clinical presentation of CVT is highly variable and the symptoms are nonspecific, making early diagnosis challenging. Confirming the diagnosis of CVT requires a high degree of clinical suspicion and brain imaging. Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain and venography are the preferred imaging techniques. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential for improved outcomes. Anticoagulation for 3–12 months is often advocated. The prognosis of CVT is better than arterial stroke with prompt diagnosis and treatment. This chapter will review the epidemiology, clinical presentation, recommended diagnostic workup, and treatment of CVT.


Cerebral venous thrombosis Computed tomography venography Magnetic resonance venography Anticoagulation Heparin Low-molecular-weight heparin Warfarin 


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