The Role of Co-design and Co-production in Improving Healthcare Services: Conclusion and Future Research Agenda

  • Sharon J. WilliamsEmail author
  • Lynne Caley


This chapter presents a short summary of the key findings from this study which explores how two concepts, co-design/co-production and quality improvement can be brought together to improve the design and delivery of healthcare services. In light of the results, we revisit the theoretical framework introduced in Chap.  1 and offer a conceptual model, which provides an integrated approach to co-producing quality improvement using Lean thinking. We consider what implications the study has for healthcare organisations and the key messages for practitioners and academics. The chapter culminates with a number of research propositions to act as a proposal for future research for scholars interested in integrating healthcare/service operations management, quality improvement and co-design/co-production to improve healthcare services.


Co-production Co-design Quality improvement Model for Improvement PDSA Lean 


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