Reports on the Processing of Structured Exotic Fruits, Dried Exotic Fruits, and Other Exotic Fruit Products

  • Felipe Richter ReisEmail author
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Besides beverages, jams, and pulps, the literature on exotic fruits brings reports on various other products, like structured fruits, dried fruits, ice creams added with fruits, minimally processed fruits, marmalades, etc. These studies are brought to the reader in this chapter. Structured fruit and dried fruit received special sections because they are subjects in which there are several works published. The former is a relatively new kind of product that uses hydrocolloids to form a sort of natural food gel of extended shelf-life and pleasant sensory quality. The latter is possibly the most ancient processed food and will always be a good option as it does not require many costs with storage and transportation and presents a very long shelf-life. Additionally, this chapter brings the effect of the processing techniques on exotic fruits chemical and nutritional quality and, in some cases, the processing conditions used for assuring the product shelf-stability.


Structured fruit Dried fruit Marmalade Ice cream Minimally processed fruit Freeze-drying 


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