Modeling the Relationship Between the Objective and the Self-Assessed Measure

  • Julia Henke
Part of the Life Course Research and Social Policies book series (LCRS, volume 11)


The last research question with regard to the Self-Assessed Measure of economic vulnerability (difficulties in making ends meet) concerns its relationship with the Objective Measure of economic vulnerability (monetary poverty line) and specifically, whether the model component Financial Needs and Expectations’ helps explain the incongruence between the Objective Measure and the Self-Assessed Measure of economic vulnerability by playing a mediating role (research question I vi). The focus of this chapter is to find the most parsimonious model representing the relationship between the Self-Assessed and the Objective Measure. Given the great popularity of the monetary poverty line, it is of interest to assess the extent to which this indicator is suitable to substitute a more accurate but complex construct combining income and wealth.


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