Economic Resources

  • Julia Henke
Part of the Life Course Research and Social Policies book series (LCRS, volume 11)


This is the fourth chapter of Part III ‘Prevalence of Economic Vulnerability Among Swiss Pensioners’ that presents a descriptive analysis of our sample population. According to our theoretical framework, the entire model component of Economic Resources needs to be taken into account in the explanation of self-assessed economic strain. The main focus of the preliminary analysis presented in this chapter is therefore to examine the correlation between types of resources (other than income) with income poverty and with self-assessed economic strain. The types of resources considered are financial support from either family, State (canton) and/or non-governmental organizations, the State-funded supplementary benefits to old age pensions, assets such as personal savings and life insurance (3rd pillar), occupational pensions (2nd pillar), irregular and regular work, home ownership and wealth.


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