Hybrid Additive Manufacturing of MS1-H13 Steels via Direct Metal Laser Sintering

  • Sajad ShakerinEmail author
  • Mohsen Mohammadi
Conference paper
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A bimetal steel was additively manufactured by depositing maraging steel powder (MS1) on top of a hot work tool steel H13 through the direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) technique. The microstructure of the substrate-H13 and DMLS-MS1 as well as the interfacial morphology of the hybrid MS1-H13 steel were characterized using optical microscopy (OM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The microhardness tests were carried out to investigate the mechanical behavior of the hybrid MS1-H13 steel. The results showed that no cracks, porosities, or discontinuities were formed at the interface proving a reliable hybrid MS1-H13 steel. In addition, the hybrid additive manufacturing process had no detrimental influence on the substrate-H13. A very sharp interface as narrow as 2 µm was detected between the DMLS-MS1 and the substrate-H13 hot work tool steel. The microhardness tests across the interface revealed an abrupt increase of the hardness values on the printed side leading to a stronger interface.


Hybrid additive manufacturing Direct metal laser sintering Maraging steel Microstructure and interface 



The authors would like to thank Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) grant number RGPIN-2016-04221, New Brunswick Innovation Foundation (NBIF) grant number RIF2017-071, Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA)-Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) project number 210414, Mitacs Accelerate Program grant number IT10669 for providing sufficient funding to execute this work.


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