In Situ Diagnosis and Modeling of Disorder Trapping in Rapid Solidification of Intermetallic Compound

  • Jianrong GaoEmail author
Conference paper
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Intermetallic compounds often exhibit sluggish growth kinetics in solidification because of a chemical order in their crystal lattices. The chemical order can be reduced or even suppressed in rapid solidification leading to rapid growth of disordered crystals. Such a phenomenon is known as disorder trapping and can be detected by in situ diagnosis of crystal growth kinetics in rapid solidification. A sharp disorder trapping was observed in rapid solidification of the intermetallic Ni3Sn compound using a high-speed camera recently. In this paper, the observed tip velocities of ordered and disordered Ni3Sn dendrites were modeled using a three-dimensional dendritic growth model with liquid flows. The modeling suggested that the interface kinetic coefficient is increased abruptly by two orders of magnitude as the disorder trapping is triggered at a critical tip velocity of 0.86 m/s. Assuming a constant critical tip velocity, the modeling suggested that the critical undercooling for the disorder trapping can be shifted by strong liquid flows.


Intermetallic compound Rapid solidification In situ diagnosis Disorder trapping Modeling 



This work is financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China with grant numbers of U1502272 and 51831003.


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