The Contribution of Wine Tourism in the Development of Rural Areas in North Greece

  • Spyridon Niavis
  • Dimitrios BeliasEmail author
  • Dimitrios Tsiotas
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The winery in Greece has an ascendant course and the development and modernization of the wine-growing units and vineyards helps to attract wine tourists who want to taste and wander in the vineyards and in the Greek nature. The promotion and development of wine tourism and the wider acquaintance of tourists and consumers with traditional Greek and not only wines, contribute to the recognition of Greek wines and Greece as a destination. Our aim should be to meet the different needs and wishes of the broader market to attract tourists and visitors all year round with varied and alternative activities in a dynamically changing environment. Functional axis of prospects, for Central Macedonia, is the offer of upgraded quality of aesthetics and recreation services, as well as similar unique wine tourism experiences. The chapter has examined the case of wine tourism in Central Macedonia and it concludes there is a need to strengthen its presence with the development of new wine roads.


Wine tourism Central Macedonia Wine production Wine roads 


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  • Dimitrios Belias
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  • Dimitrios Tsiotas
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