Nautical Tradition and the “Aquaman” Case: The “Hidden” Source of Inspiration from the Greek Cultural Heritage of the Sea

  • Olga Tsakirides
Conference paper
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The purpose of this paper is to bring to the surface of the scientific discussion a significant part of Greece’s cultural heritage: the cultural heritage associated with the sea surroundings of the country, so that it can become a distinct axis of planning special, qualitatively upgraded and innovative cultural routes and itineraries both on land, as well as at sea, interconnecting the islands with each other, and the islands with the rest of the country, which is anyway a large peninsula surrounded by sea. Wealth related to the sea has often inspired Hollywood—recently was “Aquaman”, Marvel’s big production by DC Comics and Warner’s Bros. With a methodology based on a collection of empirical and secondary data, the content of the “naval heritage” and/or “sea culture” is described and an attempt is made to outline cultural routes and itineraries, using the island of Chios as an example.


Nautical tradition Maritime museums Cultural nautical routes Blue economy 


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  • Olga Tsakirides
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