“Losers” “Acting Gay”: Internet Slang, Memes, and Affective Intensities

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This chapter moves beyond the realm of digital games to investigate the larger affective sphere cultivated by the social relations surrounding digital gaming culture in urban China. Through a consideration of various elements of digital leisure culture on display at ChinaJoy, China’s largest digital gaming and entertainment expo, this chapter shows how memes, Internet slang, and other artifacts of digital leisure culture serve as outlets for affective intensities—shared, embodied, and actively felt states of being that thrive on the Internet, but that nonetheless defy articulation and fixed interpretation. In particular, I focus upon memes and slang terms that playfully challenge the heteronormative model of ideal citizenship and patriotic leisure discussed in Chap.  4.


China Memes Internet Slang Diaosi Jiyou Heteronormativity Affective intensities 

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