Web Client for Visualization of ADAS/AD Annotated Data-Sets

  • Duarte BarbosaEmail author
  • Miguel Leitão
  • João Silva
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1092)


This project aims to develop a web platform that is capable of showing data from an Advanced Driving Assist Systems (ADAS) and an Autonomous Driving (AD) system. This data can have multiple sources including cameras, LiDARs, GNSS, all of which must be visualized simultaneously and easily controlled by the platform’s interface. Typically, companies would have to develop their unique visualization platform, or use standards such as Robot Operative System (ROS) to support the visualization of data logs. The problem with approaches such as ROS is that, although many development teams in the area are using it as base for their projects, the contribution of analysts outside the development team is hard to achieve since using ROS would require an initial setup that, not only can be time-consuming, but also could be difficult for these analysts teams to perform. The premise of this project is to change this kind of mindset, providing a generic visualization platform, that can load logged data from different sources in an easily configurable format, without the need for initial setup. The fact that this application is web-based allows for various analysts teams spread across the world to analyze data from these autonomous systems. Although the visualization is not ROS based, we used ROS as the framework for data processing and transformation, before deploying it in the server.


Automotive Data logs Point cloud Robot operating system WebGL 


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