Thailand’s Software Startup Ecosystem

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  • Rattana Wetprasit


Software startups are currently very popular in Thailand, and existing information reveals an increase in the number of participants and investors in software startup businesses. Moreover, widespread events have been held to showcase the products and services these businesses have contributed. Software startups primarily develop innovations in the form of software produced from limited resources within a limited time. This software must be able to contribute to a sustainable business, and must be adjustable to each business size. Previous research indicates that both attention and emphasis must be placed on the importance of studying software startups in the form of empirical research. This will assist decision-making for those who are interested in initiating software startups and those who want to support them. Research has scarcely studied software startups in Thailand, and therefore, we are interested in Thai startups’ current situation as well as the startup ecosystem. This study clarifies that software startups in Thailand are defined as newly emerging businesses anticipated to help businesses grow quickly. Each software startup is in search of a different business model, as current software startups in Thailand have been created to help and support particular businesses. However, software startups rarely invent their own unique, exotic business models or apply advanced technologies and research in their startups.


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