Platforms for Procurement 4.0

  • Bernardo NicolettiEmail author


The use of innovative platforms in procurement 4.0 can yield various benefits, including supporting daily business and administrative tasks, aiding in complex decision-making, and helping in managing processes. The real objective of these platforms is to free up procurement and support its focusing on strategic decisions and activities. Procurement 4.0 platforms thus become a strategic interface to support organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability, and to create new business models, products, and services. This chapter confirms that there are still barriers to digitizing procurement processes. Such barriers are found in existing procedures, processes, capacities, and capabilities. Finally, the significance of several enabling platforms to the digitization process is analyzed and a roadmap for a successful digital transformation is presented.


Collaboration Procurement Platforms Technology Internet of Things Blockchain Smart contract Cognitive procurement Big data analytics Cybersecurity 

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