The Impact of Cities’ Spatial Planning on the Development of a Sustainable Urban Transport

  • Grzegorz DydkowskiEmail author
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Sustainable development of cities, including also sustainable development of urban transport, starts already at the stage of city planning and spatial planning, adoption of specific assumptions in the field of spatial development intensity and functional-spatial structures of the city. At the moment decisions are made on the amount of utilised resources, such as the land, on the expenditure on the city transport infrastructure, or the size of transport needs and the consumption of energy related to transport. Intensive spatial development of urban areas in general reduces the demand for individual transport making them on foot, by bicycle, or by public transport. On the other hand suburbanisation processes existing universally result in increased demand for the road infrastructure and force the necessity to use personal cars. This paper made an attempt to present the relationship between social-economic and spatial structure transformations, the population density and intensity of cities development, and the use of infrastructure and the way of providing by the urban transport. In particular it is necessary to pursue implementation of solutions increasing the utilisation of the existing infrastructure and relationships between the mentioned phenomena occurring in cities and in suburban areas and the division of transport tasks and the effectiveness of the public transport.


Urban transport system Spatial management of cities Sustainable urban development 


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  1. 1.Department of Transport, Faculty of EconomicsUniversity of Economics in Katowice, Metropolitan Transport Authority (ZTM)KatowicePoland

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