DECODER - DEveloper COmpanion for Documented and annotatEd code Reference

  • Victoria Torres
  • Miriam GilEmail author
  • Vicente Pelechano
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Software is everywhere and the productivity of Software Engineers has increased radically with the advent of new specifications, design and programming paradigms and languages. The main objective of the DECODER project is to introduce radical solutions to increase productivity by increasing the abstraction level, at specification stage, using requirements engineering techniques to integrate more complete specifications into the development process, and formal methods to reduce the time and efforts for integration testing. DECODER project will develop a methodology and tools to improve the productivity of the software development process for medium-criticality applications in the domains of IoT, Cloud Computing, and Operating Systems by combining Natural Language Processing techniques, modelling techniques and Formal Methods. A radical improvement is expected from the management and transformation of informal data into material (herein called “knowledge”) that can be assimilated by any party involved in a development process. The project expects an average benefit of 20% in terms of efforts on several use cases belonging to the beforehand mentioned domains and will provide recommendations on how to generalize the approach to other medium-critical domains.


Requirements analysis Open source software Software engineering Operating systems Computer languages 

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