Discussion on the Application of WeChat Mini Program in the Lifelong Education of Basic Computer Knowledge in the Age of Mobile Learning

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  • Bo Xu
  • Na Chang
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Since the beginning of the 21st century, with the rapid development of high technology, the application of computers has penetrated into the daily work and life. At the same time, mobile learning education, a style of education which is based on the development of smart phone mobile technology, has developed into the focus of education. As one of the representatives, WeChat mini program, by virtue of its convenience and ease of use, brings a “shock” to the education field.

How to use mobile technology to popularize computer basic knowledge among the people while bring people the opportunity to enjoy lifelong education? Based on the application of mobile technology in education and the theory of connected learning and lifelong education theory, this paper studies the impact of lifelong education development in the era of mobile technology, and uses the literature research method and literature analysis software “CiteSpacelII” to explore the domestic and international status on the combination of lifelong education and mobile technology.

Through the establishment of an open concept of lifelong education development, and enhance the WeChat mini program civilianizing application to narrow the “digital divide”, and build a new model of Lifelong education development as well, this paper explores the popularization of computer basic knowledge and lifelong development of education.


Mobile learning WeChat mini program Computer basic education Life-long education Development ideas 



This research was supported by Hainan Higher Education Educational Reform Research Project (Hnjg2018-105).


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