A Study on the Ways to Improve the Quality of Talent Cultivation in Higher Vocational Colleges-Take Sanya Aviation and Tourism College as an Example

  • Xiaoli WangEmail author
  • Chunting Ma
  • Xia Liu
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It is crucial for higher vocational colleges to analyze precisely the problems to be solved under the background of strengthening the integration of industry and education, to explore effectively the ways and approaches to improve the quality of talent training and to cultivate the talents that are suitable and qualified for the society. In the further study of Opinions on Strengthening the Integration of Industry and Education and Measures for Promoting the University-Enterprise Cooperation to in Vocational schools, on the basis of the state policies and documents, combined with the operation mode of large enterprises running schools and school-enterprise integration, on the premise of practicing and summarizing a number of deep school-enterprise cooperation projects, our school reconstructs the way of talent cultivation in higher vocational colleges from six aspects: top-level design, resource optimization, team construction, curriculum reform, cultural integration and mode innovation.


Talent cultivation Ways and approaches Integration of Industry and Education 


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