An Empirical Research on English Learning Strategies of Li Nationality College Students

  • Dan RenEmail author
  • Wei Wang
  • Yuan Yao
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English learning strategy is one of the decisive factors for learners’ English achievements. In order to know Li nationality college students’ present condition of using English learning strategies, a questionnaire survey has been conducted from three perspectives including metacognitive strategy, cognitive strategy, affective/social strategy. On the basis of an empirical research upon the results through SPSS, it has come to the conclusion: the level of affective/social strategy of Li nationality college students is a little bit higher than that of their cognitive strategy and metacognitive strategy; cognitive strategy has a significant positive influence on both affective/social strategy and metacognitive strategy, and affective/social strategy has a significant positive influence on metacognitive strategy. Meanwhile, affective/social strategy plays as a partial intermediation between cognitive strategy and metacognitive strategy.


English learning strategy Li nationality college students Empirical research 


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