Designing a Mobile App for Treating Individuals with Dementia: Combining UX Research with Sports Science

  • Bettina Barisch-FritzEmail author
  • Marc Barisch
  • Sandra Trautwein
  • Andrea Scharpf
  • Jelena Bezold
  • Alexander Woll
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1028)


Dementia treatment requires new approaches to delay the progress of the disease. Based on research results to treat dementia a novel approach to combine results from sports science with user experience research (UX) has been taken to develop an application (app) to support hospitalized individuals with dementia by an individualized physical activity program. This paper describes the methodology to develop the app and the current state of the journey.


UX research Dementia Physical activity Training in nursing homes 



We thank the Dietmar Hopp Foundation for the support of this project.


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  • Marc Barisch
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  • Sandra Trautwein
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  • Andrea Scharpf
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  • Jelena Bezold
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  • Alexander Woll
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