Automated Mechanical Multi-sensorial Scanning

  • Vaia RousopoulouEmail author
  • Konstantinos Papachristou
  • Nikolaos Dimitriou
  • Anastasios Drosou
  • Dimitrios Tzovaras
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The 3D reconstruction of Cultural Heritage objects is a significant and advantageous technology for conservators and restorers. It contributes to the proper documentation of CH items, allows researchers, scholars and the general public to better manipulate and understand CH objects and gives the opportunity for remote and enhanced on-site experiences through virtual museums or even personal digital collections. The latest technological advances in computer vision in conjunction with robotics facilitate the development of automated and optimal solutions for digitizing complicated artifacts. In this direction, the current study presents an integrated, portable solution based on a modular architecture, for accurate multi-sensorial 3D scanning via a dedicated motorized mechanical arm and efficient automatic 3D reconstruction of a big variety of cultural heritage assets even in situ. The system is composed of a customized 3D reconstruction module, an automated motion planning module and a physical positioning system built by combining a mechanical arm and a rotary table. The key strength of the proposed system is that it is a cost-effective and time-saving solution applying computer vision and robotic technologies in order to serve Cultural Heritage preservation.


3D reconstruction Texture mapping Motion planning 



This work has been partially supported by the European Commission through project Scan4Reco funded by the European Union H2020 programme under Grant Agreement no. 665091. The opinions expressed in this paper are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Commission.


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  • Konstantinos Papachristou
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  • Nikolaos Dimitriou
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  • Anastasios Drosou
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  • Dimitrios Tzovaras
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